The View From Here – August 2016

Trappist monk Thomas Merton writes: “Ask me not where I live or what I like to eat . . . Ask me what I am living for and what I think is keeping me from living fully that.” ―from Thoughts in Solitude What are you living for? Do you know? Don’t feel badly if you … Continued

The View From Here – July 2016

I have been trying to say YES. “Yes” to invitations to have dinner, or coffee, hear a speaker in town. Sometimes it is hard for me to do this. I am very comfortable at home. I am quite settled in my cottage in Pigeon Cove and enjoy my own company. But I have learned that … Continued

The View From Here – June 2016

This past weekend my baby graduated from High School. Like other life passages, this one was bittersweet. I am inordinately proud of my daughter (actually, I am proud of both daughters) and all that she has accomplished; I know it is time for her to move on to the next phase. And yet I am … Continued

We Have a New Website!

Using the new WordPress Theme created by the UUA, we are delighted to have launched our new site. We hope you like it! It is completely new so take some time to look around. Please send any questions or concerns to our Church Administrator, Jenna Olson at

The View From Here – May 2016

THE VIEW FROM HERE This month, I am thrilled to tell you that the UUSR, along with UUSR friend, Lise Breen, and with help from the Gloucester UU church, has received a $2000 matching grant from the Essex National Heritage Trust! We are so pleased with the grant and hope that it is the first … Continued

The View From Here – April 2016

I think I have been reading too much news lately.  Between the bombings all over the world, and the opinions about the bombings, the endless election season and the opinions about the candidates, I am ready to be on news probation. I have an older friend who long ago suggested that one of the key … Continued

The View From Here – March 2016

The View From Here March 2016 The Spirituality of Islam discussion group began a few weeks ago, and we have been having a wonderful time learning about the Quran and its similarities to both Judaism and Christianity. For those of you who are new friends to the congregation, the group meets on Tuesday mornings from … Continued

The View From Here – February 2016

The View From Here February 2016 Recently, UUSR member Jane Sherburne handed me a news clipping of a Dear Abby column from the Gloucester Daily Times. The Dear Abby letter was signed “Unorthodox in Ohio” and was about the fact that although the writer was raised in the Christian faith, she had fallen away from … Continued