Our Mission Statement:

To educate our congregation and community and take action on climate and environmental justice issues

Climate Change Is Real! There is no debating that point.

In March 2021, a Climate Action Group was established at UUSR. We began by talking to other churches who had climate committees such as the Annisquam Village Church’s Creation Care Team and the First Parish UU in Arlington. Then, we met bi-weekly, researching global, national, statewide, and local issues, and joining organizations such as the Rockport Green Community Task Force, Cape Ann Climate Coalition, and UU Mass Action. All are welcome to join us.

  • IMPORTANT: On March 13, 2022, the UUSR Board of Trustees agreed to support the Rockport Municipal Government Net Zero Energy by 2040 Resolution. Read more about it here.

Our Climate Action Bulletin will be a regular feature in the UUSR E-blast. We hope this helps us all to become educated and to TAKE ACTION!

A new report from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication suggests that there is a gulf between the fear Americans feel about climate change and what they are willing to do to fight it.

We want to provide effective communication that will turn concern into tangible reaction.

Please read the Climate Action Bulletin. Provide us with feedback. Consider joining our Climate Action Group and, most importantly Take Some Action. When we work together, we can set achievable, meaningful goals and make the change we want to see!