The View From Here – February 2018

I don’t know about you but I was done with February by the beginning of January – the bitter cold snap, the rain, the black ice. The weather is miserable; which makes me want to stay inside and eat and sleep. Then I feel miserable from eating and sleeping too much. I think this weather makes us stay inside by ourselves more than is probably good for us. I admit that it is nice to curl up with a good book or a few episodes of Grace and Frankie , but is anyone besides me feeling a bit isolated? Is anyone feeling a bit claustrophobic? Are we tired of all this “inside” time?
I am thinking that perhaps we at the UUSR should try to winter together, with the aim of making winter more than bearable, but actually fun! In February there is nothing of a social nature planned. If we get together outside of Sunday morning, will that enrich your winter? I’ve been wondering about how we can make UUSR as appealing as possible. Someone suggested that we get together for regular potlucks or pizza. Does this sound good to you? How about watching movies together on some afternoon? A road trip to the Peabody Essex or the MFA?
If you have an idea, we will support you in your efforts. Just start talking to one another, talk to me or Terri Desmarais, President of the congregation. Bring it up during Announcements on Sunday mornings. Please tell us what we’re missing; help us fill in the gaps so that this place is up and running 24/7. Do you know what would really help this place achieve its highest and best use?
The removal of the pews. Yes, that’s what I said. If we removed the pews, shored up the joists underneath, refurbished the floor and bought chairs that could be configured in new and various ways, our building would be much more useful to us and to the community. We could use the Sanctuary for so many more activities than we can now. On some Sunday afternoons, we could set up tables and chairs and eat lunch without being on top of one another. We could push all the chairs to the side and invite high school kids to have a dance party. Or we could have a dance party.
Several of you have expressed to me that removing the pews is not a good idea because of their historical nature. I believe that the sanctuary holds within its walls, everything that has ever gone on here. It holds within its walls, all of the prayers and outrages of every person who has ever sat in worship or a meeting or a concert. We could keep two pews for history’s sake, but let’s not get stuck in our past. The possibilities for our congregation and our house of worship are not without limit—but let’s dream big.
See you at 4 Cleaves Street!
-Rev Susan