Rev Susan Moran


Martin Luther King Sunday is devoted to the theme of Justice.  Writers from Frederick Douglass to Ta Nahesi Coates will give us texts to investigate.  Rev Susan will lead worship with Laura Evans as our musical guest.


Please join Rev Susan, Laura Evans and special musical guest, ‘Leven, as we explore the theme of home-with words and music.  Janet Marcous will tell a special children’s story about her dog, Peaches.

Christmas Eve Service

This year, Christmas Eve falls on the first day of Hannukah. While our 5:30pm service will emphasize Christmas, Rev Susan will also touch on the lessons of this ancient tale from the Jewish faith. Former UUSR Music Director Jennifer Ober will be our special musical guest, with John Rockwell and Amy Rich singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. UUSR … Continued


The fourth Sunday of Advent, the theme is love. Rev Susan will be preaching on Jesus of Nazareth. Join the choir and community musicians in a sing-along of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah during the worship service. Pick-up choir rehearsal will be at 9am on the 18th, and anyone is welcome to join our regular choir … Continued


The theme for the third Sunday in Advent is Joy. Rev Susan will be in the pulpit, with Laura Evans as our guest musician.

How to Give a Blessing

In the Christian calendar, now is the time of Advent, or time of waiting for the birth of Jesus. Advent covers the time starting on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, which was Nov 27th. Thus, we will be lighting two Advent Candles on Dec 4th, representing Hope and Peace. Rev Susan will be in the pulpit. John Rockwell … Continued

Thanksgiving Service

Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings and express our gratitude. There will be audience participation during this service; please be thinking about what you are grateful for. Laura Evans and the choir will be our musical guests.

Going Forward Together*

Beloved Friends, it has been a long week. I think it lasted 3 months. I am sure that you have heard and read and spoken a lot of words. So let’s start with some quiet time. I want you to settle in your seat, and get comfortable, (or as comfortable as you can when sitting on a … Continued

The Hardest Choice*

In a couple of days we will know for sure who our next President will be. But that’s about all we’ll know. We will not know if we, as citizens of the United States, are willing and ready to reach out across political lines, racial lines, class lines, sexual identity lines, and say, “Yes! You are my … Continued

All Souls Day/All Saints Day/Day of the Dead

The UUSR will celebrate its version of the All Souls Day/All Saints Day/Day of the Dead holidays. Please bring a token of a loved one that has passed away for our communal altar. Laura Evans will be our guest piano player and Sue Bonior will be our guest soloist! If the children want to come in … Continued