Preparing for New Member Luncheon Nov. 2016

Signing the Membership Book is the beginning of a new relationship. As a member of this congregation you are a full participant in our on-going ministry. We urge you to get involved in ways that both nourish you spiritually and challenge you to give of yourself for others. How you do that is up to you; but know that we are on this spiritual journey together, so you are not alone. Members are encouraged to participate in those aspects of our church life that best meet their needs and allow opportunities for individual growth and community service. We welcome you and the unique gifts you bring to share with this congregation and our larger denominational efforts.

Usually, this is how one becomes a member of our community:

  1. Visitors complete the yellow card at the Welcome Table in the Vestry. You will receive a follow up packet from the church, including the Mission Statement of our church and an overview of what we do, as well as the Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. We hope they match with your own beliefs and inclinations.
  2. Once you decide you would like to join us, ask to meet with the minister.
  3. Sign the Membership Book when you are ready. You will then be paired with another member who will mentor you through your first months and answer any questions you might have along the way.
  4. Make a financial pledge to support the work of this church.
  5. Participate in a New Member Sunday Service when your mentor will introduce you to the congregation and you are welcomed by all.