Rev Susan Moran

Annual Water Communion Ceremony

Please come with water that has special meaning for you and your family. This is an intergenerational service and everyone is welcome; there will be pew packets for the children, and Laura Evans will once again grace us with her piano playing.


Please come to worship prepared to write a question for Rev Susan. She will attempt to answer these questions during the service.

The Nature of Reality

Every year at the Service Auction, Rev Susan offers the choice of sermon topic for bidding. One of this year’s winners is Bob Dyke, who requested that Rev Susan speak on the nature of reality. Please join Rev Susan as she delves into this specific, definitive and completely manageable topic.

Good Books

What is the bible? Who wrote it? What does it say? Should we read it? Rev Susan will share some fun facts to know and tell about the most popular book in the world.

The Middle Years: Father’s Day

Worship Service for Father’s Day 2017   Reading: Accident, Mass Ave. By Jill McDonough   I stopped at a red light on Mass. Ave. in Boston, a couple blocks away from the bridge, and a woman in a beat-up old Buick backed into me. Like, cranked her wheel, rammed right into my side. I drove … Continued

With a Little Help: New Member Sunday*

With a little Help Sermon Offered for New Member Sunday Spring 2017 I think it is a tremendous act of courage to walk in to a Sunday worship service.  It takes even more courage to come back every Sunday or come back from time to time, and then join our merry band of spiritual seekers … Continued

Oh Beauty: Flower Communion Service*

Introduction to the Flower Communion Service: The Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion service we celebrate this morning was introduced in 1923 by Dr. Norbert Capek (Chah-peck), founder of the modern Unitarian movement in Czechoslovakia.  On the last Sunday before the summer recess of the Unitarian church in Prague, all the children and adults participated in this … Continued


Rev Susan will be preaching on one of her favorite themes: Forgiveness. This will get the party started as the Adult Education Committee is sponsoring a discussion soon after this date, also about forgiveness. Our wonderful piano player, Laura Evans, and the UUSR choir will be in the house!

Humility and Resistance

Please join Rev Susan for a reflection on humility and resistance, using a variety of sources. Our musical guests will be Laura Evans and Amy Rich and Olivia Chorlian, soloists.


Please join Rev Susan and Laura Evans on the uplifting theme of heartbreak.